b. 1986, HK.


Emily builds stories about people and food. She's the Founder and Editorial Director of Milky, a personality-driven magazine about food and creative women.

Emily's journey in food began in 2015. She has cooked in a variety of capacities: as a line cook at Tilda All Day; a food stylist at The Jewels of New York; and as a personal chef, both independently and for What We Eat. 

Prior, she pursued her other love, visual art. After working for a gallery specializing in Japanese ceramics, she became a community director for an arts-focused startup — a role which offered her the opportunity to curate, something she had always wanted to do.

Emily's love of food and art exists in equal measure. It's a fact that become clear at an early age, when, on frequent visits to The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, she could never decide which she liked better: the exhibitions or the cheese plate she always ordered after.